Does God Want Me to Get the Covid-19 Vaccination?

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This is THE question most every Christian is asking themselves and others right now. There’s so much confusion surrounding it too. I know, I for one, love to take in the wisdom and opinions of those I respect and admire on such matters, and I have:

  • My friend who’s a pastor’s wife and nurse got it and is elated about it
  • My dear friend who works in a hospital doesn’t want to be forced to take it
  • My acquaintance who is president of a Christian college publicly proclaimed it’s the Christian’s responsibility to take it
  • My colleague said his sister- in- law, who’s a nurse and pastor’s wife cautions to “wait and see”
  • My other colleague is undecided
  • My couple of other friends are firm no’s until they also have opportunity to “wait and see”
  • Some of my family can’t wait to get it, some claim NO WAY


ALL the above people are honest to goodness, born again believers and followers of Christ! You see my conundrum?

I, myself, am no anti-vaxxer by any means. I firmly believe in herd immunity. I don’t believe vaccines cause autism or anything else; however, I do believe that something about some individuals genetic makeup makes them sensitive to vaccines causing them to experience such side effects. I am also saddened that so many once “eradicated” illnesses, such as whooping cough, have made a comeback due to so-called “anti-vaxxers.”

That being said, this vaccine makes me nervous. I certainly understand some self-proclaimed anti-vaxxers a little better now. Maybe I’m nervous because they “rushed” it; maybe because Covid-19 itself seems so evil – that’s a whole other post; but, basically I call it evil because it’s so unpredictable and ever-changing – First it supposedly only affects the elderly and those with underlying conditions BUT wait – now youth, children and middle aged are dying – BUT WAIT – others just got a minor cold! BUT WAIT – those people didn’t have any underlying conditions but Covid caused their current heart trouble that they’ll now have for maybe the rest of their lives? Evil. 

Maybe it’s because it’s brought on such fear and division among us all – even those who call ourselves Christ followers. I really don’t know what my hesitation is. 


But God. BUT God is not a God of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). If that’s true, what’s a girl to do?


New Testament writers used the verb sophroneo, which means “to be of sound mind, to be reasonable, sensible.” Peter used it when he said, “The end of all things is at hand; therefore be of sound judgment.” In other words, use good common sense. And we can do this because God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). This can be done by a combination of: 

Sound research – make sure online articles or news sources are dated, state an author and are not bent toward a certain political view. Ask yourself if their goal is to help you understand or have an enhanced view of a topic? Or is the intent to belittle, insult, or impose personal views on listeners?

Asking those you trust – I know my experience shared above suggests this may be fruitless but it’s good to collaborate and you may be surprised what ends you come to on your decisions. There are so many verses in Proverbs that encourage us to listen to counsel and wisdom (Proverbs 19:20; 11:14; 12:15).

Reading your bible – Although reading the bible may not directly tell us whether to take this vaccine, it does address many ways to go about making decisions and the Holy Spirit uses it to reveal truth to us (1 Corinthians 2:10).

Prayer – Pray always about everything! God knows we’re concerned and He knows our heart’s desire to make the right choice for us and those around us. He wants to listen to you and respond through The Holy Spirit. 


Guess what? You might. I have a dear friend who works in the medical industry and is up next for this vaccine. She wants to honor God, herself and others by making the right choice. She asked for prayer to have wisdom and make the right decision. I offered and still offer up that prayer for her; but, I also encouraged her with this text: 

“I truly believe that because you are putting in a strong effort to pray and be wise, that even if you made the “wrong” decision, God would make it right. He will honor your faith and perseverance to do what’s best. He will give you favor in the outcome.”

God is in the business of making wrong right. Say you take it – you may be one of those sensitive people who gets weird conditions from vaccines. The vaccine itself may not be ready and those of us who take it may suffer for it. 

Say you don’t take it – you may get very sick from Covid and regret it. You may unintentionally make someone you love dearly very sick. 


But God. BUT God is not a God of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33).

God holds the keys over death and Hades (Revelation 1:18). He works all things together for our good (Romans 8:28). He gives favor and grace to the humble who don’t know it all but do their best to make good decisions (James 4:6).

I realize I often speak out of ignorance; but, rest assured, I’m always learning and growing. 

I still don’t know what I’m gonna do; but, I know that my decision will be covered by God because no matter what I don’t know, He does and will make up where I fall short. 


Tim Keller, who I deeply admire got it

My husband got it

Some say the vaccine may give us cancer or other sicknesses – the same is true of Covid.

I still don’t know what I’m gonna do. 🙂

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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4 thoughts on “Does God Want Me to Get the Covid-19 Vaccination?

  1. I understand the dilemma. I work in healthcare and was offered (not required) to take the vaccine. I did.

    I did my research and talked to our healthcare professionals. While this vaccine seems “rushed,” the science behind it has been in research for quite some time.

    I received the first shot 2 days ago. So far, no side effects – except for some pain at the injection site. That’s not uncommon. It happens with the flu shot, too.

    I posted on Facebook for my friends so they can see my experience. I want to be an example to them. I now know too many people (and 1 is too many) that have died from COVID-19. I want to be responsible to my family, friends, and community.

    Each person has to follow their conscience on this. Can we make the “wrong” decision? Sure. That’s life. We make decisions every single day. Some are not “wrong” but they lead us where we may not want to go. The good news is that none of this catches God by surprise. He knows. He is already there. So pray. Trust. Make your decisions and go. God’s got this. He’s got you. The safest place is with the Lord, no matter what happens to us or around us.

    All that said, I encourage the vaccination – unless the person has severe allergies or of their physician does not recommend getting it. If your conscience doesn’t allow you to get it, then follow your conscience. It’s a decision only you can make.

    Praying for God’s blessings for 2021!

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