Acts 11 (my reactions/thoughts in BOLD) WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING. WE THINK WE KNOW WHAT GOD WOULD DO OR WHAT HE WANTS BUT THEN SOMETHING SURPRISES US. MAY OUR RESPONSE BE PRAISE. The apostles and the believers (in other words, Christians) throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles (sinners, unclean, outcasts) also had received the word of God. SHOCKING! 2 So when Peter went up to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers (yep- extra jewels in their crowns)  criticized him 3 and said, “You went into the house…Continue Reading “Let me invite you into what goes through my mind when I read a passage of scripture:”

*this week’s post is the first chapter in When My Mind Winds Up. You can purchase it here. Introductory Thoughts: Let’s just start this off real blunt: anxiety can be really selfish. This is true whether you canhelp your battle with anxiety or not. Does this fact make you feel even more hopeless? Probably, but it shouldn’t. Once I figured this out, it was actually more freeing and a help I could pull out of my tool box again and again. Read: Philippians 2:3 Anxiety…Continue Reading “A Note for the Anxious: It’s Not About You”

For this week’s post I wanted to share the first chapter of my first book, As My Mind Unwinds, You can purchase it here. My thought behind this is this pandemic has probably made us ALL NEED REHAB. Introductory Thoughts: What better way to start a book of de-  votionals than with the thought of rehab? Isn’t that the reason  many of us decide we need to maybe dedicate a month to daily  devotionals? Because it’s time for rehabilitation and recalibra-  tion? While you read…Continue Reading “Rehab”

I like to write perspective pieces because looking at life through different lenses makes us more compassionate, humble, wiser, and can often bring comfort as well! Here’s a perspective for ya –  Have you ever thought about the fact that some people may not have anyone to pray for them? In those cases, what do you think God does about it? I wonder! When I wonder, I often play out the scenario in my mind – or a real life situation presents itself in which…Continue Reading “What if People Don’t Have Anyone to Pray”

originally posted at in 2018 Why should I go to church? It’s a valid question. I mean our excuses…er…reasons seem valid! I believe in God. I can worship Him anywhere. I’m busy and can’t sacrifice an hour on Sundays. I can listen to the message online! Growing up, it was my family’s culture to attend church every Sunday and often Wednesday too! We went for the community, we went to show our love and devotion to God, and we went because it was important…Continue Reading “Why Should I Go to Church? 5 Reasons You Can’t Ignore”

It’s difficult to know when to speak up and when not to – especially when words and thoughts should be weighed carefully and only shared if they can bring benefit (grace, encouragement, bearing with the weak). That being said, it’s always the loudest voices that shouldn’t be the loudest and when the noise becomes too much to bear, some of us must cautiously end our silence. Not that anyone in particular cares what I think, but you must know I love you all.  I love those I…Continue Reading “Is it Time to Say Something?”

If you are subscribed to asmyminunwinds, you’ve already seen this post in last month’s newsletter. I’m ready to share with the rest. Please post to your socials as you feel led. We’re in this together. I have been exhausted by the nonstop disunity and venomous accusations against each other’s integrity as Christians. Those who have vaccinated say the others live in fear of the government and potential harm of the vaccine. Those who have not vaccinated say the others live in fear of the government…Continue Reading “To vAXx or Not – To Love or Not”

*written in 2017 but never published til now. In LifeGroup through my church last week, we were asked to read John 14:15 and then to imagine Dr. Phil asking as he would, “how’s that goin’ for you?” John 14:15 reads:  If you love me, keep my commands. Cue Dr. Phil’s “how’s that goin for you?” … and my group’s immediate reaction was OUCH.  Obviously, thinking of the verse that way made us feel like we’re missing the mark because we’re not constantly carrying out Jesus’…Continue Reading “How’s That Going for You?”

*originally posted at Ah…the age old question for those of us who find ourselves at a crossroads, a conundrum, in a pickle etc. What does God want me to do? Which way does He want me to go? We often make this mystery harder than it needs to be. Why? Oh probably because we wish we were God whether we’d like to admit it or not. We can’t stand the unknown or not being in control! It’s scary! Plus, we don’t want to waste…Continue Reading “What Does God Want Me to Do?”