How to Deal With Transitions – Hang Your Hat on this One Thing

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I recently did a podcast episode on transitions and was so moved by the topic and what came of it that I decided to add it to my blog

Transitions can be both exciting and anxiety-producing. During this time, we are typically seeking greater clarity about who we are or who we’d like to become in the future. BUT, how to deal with these transitions and get that clarity? I believe we can hang our hats on just one thing; Christ and Him crucified!

Transitions, whether good or bad, may include: 

  • Starting school or graduating
  • Getting married 
  • Moving into new homes in new communities
  • Starting new jobs
  • Having our first child or watching them leave the nest

We know change in life is inevitable and that life is full of transitions. These transitions can be good and bad, planned or thrown at us. They can be fun and something we’re excited about or they can be scary and shake us to our core.

Because of the inevitable, it’s important to be prepared and ready to anchor ourselves to Christ and Him crucified come what may. The reason I say Christ and Him crucified is because Paul originally said this in 1 Corinthians 2:2 and he, despite all his knowledge which was basically like the equivalent of two phds, only claims to know, or makes his focus when living life and teaching, is nothing but Christ and Him crucified. That tells me all we need to know to make it through anything in Life and develop who we are is Who Christ is and what He did for mankind. We can hang everything on that come what may.

Who Am I During Inevitable Transition?

Remember, we said, when transition happens, we tend to seek greater clarity about who we are. Am I just a mom? Am I a pastor? Am I a wife? As I make inevitable transitions in any one of these areas, I’m asking myself what my identity is and how it may change. This could devastate me or encourage me depending on how I choose to answer it. Answering it by anchoring it in the truth of Jesus and Him crucified tells me that no matter what transitions come and how they affect any of my titles, I am a child of the King, loved so much He chose to die for me and redeem every aspect of my life and who I am. Nothing and no one can take that identity away from me.

Who Do I Want to Become During Inevitable Transition?

We also mentioned that transitions not only cause us to explore who we are but compel us to seek greater clarity on who we want to become. I always want to become more the picture of Christ and Him crucified. Why? Because that is my natural love response to all He’s done for me. It shows the world that I choose to steward well my life as daughter of the King in the midst of all I’m asked to do, as well as all I’m given in life – no matter how it may change or if and when it’s taken away. Becoming someone who lives to replicate Christ and Him crucified is to live as someone who exhibits that true redemption is possible, true love exists, and selfless sacrifice is our greatest goal. 

Are you experiencing a season of transition? If not, you know it’s coming. How will you anchor the truth of who you are in those moments? How will you gain clarity on who you want to become? I choose Christ and Him crucified. 

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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