When Resolutions Become Goals

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**Guest post by Brittany Bowers** Brittany is a co-laborer with me at The Grove Church

A couple years ago I changed my perspective from resolutions to goals with the objective of creating new habits. Sure, maybe it’s the same thing?


But the approach and ultimate objective are different. Instead of “I will follow my daily reading plan and read the Bible each and every day to finish the Bible in one year.”


I could say “My goal is to read the entire Bible this year, at my own pace. To create a habit of regularly being in Gods word.” This second way allowed me to not feel failure by day 5.


It gave me a mindset of creating a lifelong habit over months, not just a pass or fail outcome. I did read my entire Bible that year and now I’ve completed that goal for 2 years in a row. The objective is to make goals that create habits. Last year I set a goal to read more. But it was about creating a habit of regular reading again. Goal accomplished!


So, for 2021 here is my new goal. A habit I want to form. Not perfection each day.


2021 goal: This year I want to KNOW my Bible. I want to memorize scripture. I want to study in new ways that open my eyes and challenge me. I want to have scriptures on the tip of my tongue and written in my heart. I also want to help my boys memorize scripture and begin to know and love the Bible in deeper ways. This inspiration has been slowly building up within me. I’ve watched a friend from college, Sheila share her journey of growing in her faith and discipling (and homeschooling) her 5 girls! She shared a story recently about how her inconsistent consistencies of Bible learning and teaching have cultivated a love of Christ and Bible knowledge in her home. Making a goal is great, but it won’t happen without some intentional planning. This is the part I’ve been working on and processing these past few weeks.


WHY is this goal important?: The Bible is my foundation. I must know it well. Biblical truths should guide me daily. I want my kids to have the Bible as their foundation. Never before has it been more clear to me that I want and need the Bible, the words of Jesus to be the loudest voice in my life.


WHEN will I spend intentional time?: During the boys show time and around the table with them in addition to bedtime.


WHAT do I want/need?: For me that was purchasing some Bible studies and scripture cards for myself. Also some kids Bible tools from Daily Grace Co.


WHAT will give to make this a priority?: I will spend less time on my phone. I’ll set limits and adhere to them. I will set my to-do list aside for later. There are bound to be days I miss, because of the realities of life. My goal is to increase my time. My goal is to increase Bible learning time with my kids around the table. If we increase from 0 days to 3 days around the table then I am succeeding. If I memorize 5, 10 or 20 more scriptures this year than I did before, I’m succeeding.


I’m praying that God will meet me and my kids right where we’re at in the messiness of everyday life. That he’ll show us his greatest gift in new ways. That our heartbeat will be stronger for Him. That our passion for Him will be shared with and evident to others. This is my prayer for 2021. Maybe you’ve given up resolutions, too? There are so many great ways to reflect and make intentional plans for your life. Any time you take to reflect and plan is worth it! Maybe you want a word for the year. Maybe a bucket list. Maybe goals for the next 5 years. Maybe 1 small goal each month. Maybe just one thing you can do today. So many great options!I know many who are grieving or in survival mode and this might not be the day, week or month to make a goal. I truly believe it’s a constant process of reflection. If this is you right now, please know you’re in my prayers. I pray that God will meet you right where you’re at. May His abundance of love be ever present in your life this year.

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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  1. Love this!! Great job Brittany! It’s so interesting that a change in wording switches our brain to think about it differently. Negative vs. positive mind set.

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