For this week’s post I wanted to share the first chapter of my first book, As My Mind Unwinds, You can purchase it here. My thought behind this is this pandemic has probably made us ALL NEED REHAB.

Introductory Thoughts: What better way to start a book of de- 

votionals than with the thought of rehab? Isn’t that the reason 

many of us decide we need to maybe dedicate a month to daily 

devotionals? Because it’s time for rehabilitation and recalibra- 

tion? While you read this entry and contemplate the following 

coaching questions, I pray that God will recalibrate your efforts, 

remove that which damages, and your giftings will soar. 

Read: Romans 12:2; Proverbs 17:22; Phillippians 4:8 

Why do people enter rehab? Rehab is defined as “the action of 

restoring someone to health or normal life through training and 

therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.” Why would 

YOU enter rehab if you should need to? 

Do you need to be restored to health and a normal life after im- 

prisonment, addiction or illness? I know I have.  

Seven years ago I had to leave “a family” of sorts that I’d been 

a part of for 15 years. There were some unhealthy things hap- 

pening there that were poison to my soul…and the souls of oth- 

ers. I had no power to change it so I had to leave and it was 


When I left I knew I needed spiritual and emotional rehabilita- 

tion and recalibration. This is how I went about restoring my 

health and a normal life…if there is such a thing! Ha! Check it 


Scripture Memorization: 

I had to put goodness and truth in me to reverse the effects of 

what I’d experienced; and by doing this, I would be able to “test 

and approve what God’s will is” and hopefully prevent myself 

from being in a similar environment for too long in the future. 

READ the word every day! Memorize and “chew on” a new verse 

every week! It will renew your mind, strengthen your resolve 

and protect your heart. 

*A fun way to memorize scripture if you have kids is to say one to– 

gether every time you enter the car. My kids and I do ours on the way 

to school. They have several verses memorized! 

Finding a New Tribe: 

I surrounded myself with new people that love and serve God 

like crazy! People that make me laugh and make my heart happy. 

These people are not perfect, but they’re also not toxic. They 

have humble hearts, open minds, and a love for all things Jesus. I 

pray you let those three qualities be your standard for who gets 

the bulk of your time.  

I Focused on What God Has for Me: 

I focused on my giftings and passions. I pursued them relent- 

lessly. I practiced singing, piano and writing to improve the arts 

I’ve been blessed with. This brought me purpose and health be- 

cause doing what you’re meant to do and doing it well always 


What area of your life needs restored to health and how can you 

rehabilitate and recalibrate to make it happen?  

Jen’s Coaching Questions 

1. You may not need to separate yourself from anything nega- 

tive like I did to recalibrate, but what area of your life do you 

find needs rehab? 

2. Why do you need rehab in this area? 

3. What does rehab look like for you? 

4. What long lasting negative impacts can we experience if we 

don’t get the rehab we need? 

5. How can delaying rehab inhibit your use of your natural and 

spiritual gifts? 

6. What is your plan to enter rehab and recalibrate your efforts 

to see your gifts soar in your life for God’s glory?  

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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