What if People Don’t Have Anyone to Pray

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I like to write perspective pieces because looking at life through different lenses makes us more compassionate, humble, wiser, and can often bring comfort as well! Here’s a perspective for ya – 

Have you ever thought about the fact that some people may not have anyone to pray for them? In those cases, what do you think God does about it? I wonder! When I wonder, I often play out the scenario in my mind – or a real life situation presents itself in which case I wonder if that’s what’s happening! Anyhoo, let me tell you a couple of stories. Both happened last week.

A Story

First, my 13 year old son was to attend his best friend’s birthday party after his shift at the farm. So, he took his friend’s gift, two candy bars tied to $30 festively with a ribbon, in his backpack which he placed in the breakroom while he worked. 

Later, on his way to the party with his friend, he excitedly exclaimed, “here! Let me give you your gift!” only to discover it was no longer in his backpack! Someone had stolen it! Yes, it did cross his mind that maybe it fell out but he called a co-worker still working and they couldn’t find it anywhere. Surely, someone took it. He was angry and bummed. My response – let’s pray for them. 

Another Story

Let me tell you one more story. A day or so later, my dad had a co-worker do something mean and honestly, unethical to him. He called for a drug test on him knowing that it would take a few days to get back and although my dad would get the time off paid, he’d also get cheated out of working over time that weekend. Of course the test would come back positive because my dad is on a handful of pain meds for chronic issues – but his work is aware, has a full list of them, and his doctors even okayed him to drive. My dad was super annoyed. My response – pray for the co-worker. 

Guess what? Neither my son nor my dad felt much like praying for these people – understandably. And this isn’t a story of how they should forgive or have compassion but it IS a story of how I began to wonder (such as I do) if part of the reason these things happened or these types of things happen to people is so that the perpetrators might have someone to take them to the feet of Jesus in prayer. 

What If

I mean I don’t know but what if God lets scenarios play out because he can trust us to respond with compassion, grace, and strength? Not at the expense of us of course (well maybe) – Surely God has a plan to make all things come together for good for us as well in these cases. But…what if?

If we were to respond to these misfortunes with prayer for the thief and the co-worker hoping to cause inconvenience, we would be offering prayer with a unique perspective and insight into the situation of the one we’re lifting up. We would also get the great honor of exercising unusual and extreme grace. Huh? I wonder how such a thing would continue to play out. 

How about you take over the wondering from here? What if? How would such a thing play out if we prayed? Comment below!

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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