Is it Time to Say Something?

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It’s difficult to know when to speak up and when not to – especially when words and thoughts should be weighed carefully and only shared if they can bring benefit (grace, encouragement, bearing with the weak). That being said, it’s always the loudest voices that shouldn’t be the loudest and when the noise becomes too much to bear, some of us must cautiously end our silence. 
Not that anyone in particular cares what I think, but you must know I love you all. 

  • I love those I pastor
  • I love my friends
  • I love my family
  • I love my childhood chums (elementary school thru high)
  • I love my acquaintances in this life who appreciate the Jesus in me even if they have loathed the supposed appearance of Him in others

It’s the last two especially that prompt a response from me because I know you’re watching and I know that those who’ve called themselves Jesus followers have missed it sometimes for various reasons. Anyway, that’s a whole other post. 
What I really want to take time to say today is just a few quick bullet point opinions of my own that I guess only really hold value to you if you trust me and genuinely wonder what I think. My opinions don’t mean I’m right. They do mean that I’m thinking, I’m praying, I’m inquiring. Here goes:

  • early in the pandemic I was all for quarantining, masking etc to protect others but at some point I began to have concern what the bigger pandemic might be (loss of business, depression etc)
  • Now I’m still all for masking, vaccines etc but I loathe the approach of mandates with ultimatums. People are genuinely concerned about the vaxx and need help to understand from those they trust – not told to just obey or be out of a job.
  • I am irritated by those (Christian or not) who share false info via memes, wonky websites etc
  • I am irritated by Christians against or for the vaxx twisting scripture
  • I am ashamed at the lack of love and grace many (Christian or not) are showing towards others
  • I believe the vaxx is “safe”. I say safe with caution because I believe both Covid and the vaccine have varying, sometimes horrible side effects for some people (not most people, but some). My hunch is that certain group of people would have been affected similarly by either getting covid or the vaccine if that makes sense – unfortunately there was no way out for them so they must take the risk either way. My family and I have chosen to weigh the odds and gambled on the side of vaccinating. 
  • I think many of you would be shocked that your pastors and people you look up to and admire are actually vaccinated. 
  • I believe that there are amazing, Spirit filled believers that are against getting this vaccine and there are also amazing, Spirit filled believers that have gotten it. I believe with my whole heart that each party knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is telling them what to do in this regard and they’re right. Now, why God is telling us different things – I don’t know. Only He does and I trust He has his reasons. (I will also say my hunch is the no crowd is not that big)
  • On that last point, some of those people and even other amazing people in their industries who are not Christ followers are EXACTLY the kind of people we ALL pray and beg to see be front line workers, teachers etc BECAUSE THEY’RE THAT GOOD AT THEIR JOB and now we’re FIRING THEM for vaccine hesitancy?!?! What the actual heck? There’s surely a better way.
  • A Christ follower has no religious ground to stand on for an exemption except this: Romans 14:23 – you gotta be convinced that what you do or don’t do honors the Lord. 
  • It’s shocking how many people don’t know how vaccines, immunity and t-cells work
  • Not enough value is being given to natural immunity
  • Covid will never end – the pandemic will become endemic with natural immunity AND the vaccinated working together to make it so.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now. If you’re interested, I say more in my last post at where I address this kinda stuff sometimes. My last post even has good solid research. I’m sure I have more opinions 😜 but this is all that comes to mind for now. I’m always up for a conversation with genuine and kind people. 

Much love, Jen

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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