To vAXx or Not – To Love or Not

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I have been exhausted by the nonstop disunity and venomous accusations against each other’s integrity as Christians. Those who have vaccinated say the others live in fear of the government and potential harm of the vaccine. Those who have not vaccinated say the others live in fear of the government and Covid. I have my own opinions on those two extremes, but I will not share as lately I’m tired of opinion.

It’s been my endeavor as of late to acquire a full picture of varying perspectives to help the common Christ follower come to their own conclusions. That being said, the non exhaustive list below is a good start. To read each article and watch each video in totality, should require approximately 90 minutes of your time.

It is not only my recommendation, but my plea that you take all that every resource has to say and measure against the others in order to come to a well rounded decision for yourself and your family. I also highly encourage you to let these resources prompt you into further research.

My favorite resources are ones light on opinion (especially bent towards insulting certain people groups) and heavy on information with hyperlinks to their resources. If a resource should be full of opinion, it should be humble as God opposes the proud, it should bring grace to the hearer, and should bear with the weak. Do I agree entirely with everything each resource below has stated? No. However, I have found that each link below has helped form my opinion to some measure. I’m praying for you as you pray for me.…/should-christian……/Should-Christians-Take……/20210720-the-complexities-of……/why-covid-19-is-here-to-stay…/ (if you get lost, read the conclusion)…/franklin-graham…/……/…/pastor-reveals-the-reasons-behind……/coronavirus-vaccine-gone…/……/ny-covid-delta-variant……/covid-19-vaccine…/opinion-mandated…/……/what-we-now…/%3foutputType=amp…/harvard-epidemiologist-says-the-case…/…

In conclusion and as an update, for anyone interested, I am vaccinated now. My children are too. In addition to these resources, I looked at people I trust as well as church leadership who never post or speak bullying, belittling or negative things on social media or in person and guess what? They’re all vaccinated. To me, that speaks volumes.

I do think the government and businesses are taking the wrong approach by forcing it now or firing while people are still concerned or uncertain. I also think more needs to be said for natural immunity and T-Cells. We must have grace and help our brothers and sisters no matter where they are on the vaccine conversation.

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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