People ARE Watching

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There’s something I especially love about social media. And, if you’re a Christian that’s lived a lot of life before social media became so prevalent, I’d love to hear your opinion on what I’m about to share to see if your experiences were similar.

But what I love is this…..people ARE watching. Haha! I know that sounds obvious since most of us use social media to portray ourselves in our best light so DUH…people are watching! We know this! But what I mean specifically is this….

People are watching us who call ourselves followers of Christ. They’re watching and they remember us!

I have noticed over the years that when my FaceBook friends enter a crisis or heart ache, they reach out to me. They PM me. They post on my wall. They comment on my posts. People I have not interacted with in years except to “like” their photo from family vacation; these people think to come to me

I’d like to think it’s because I’m such a kind and loving friend, but I know better. I know why they think to reach out to me.

Why do they do it? Because they know I’ll pray. Because they know I have “something” that could help them even if they don’t fully understand what that something is. All they know is the witness of what they’ve seen in me over the years so they have some level of faith that whatever I have is credible and therefore they’re reaching out because it may help them in their time of need. 

All they know is the witness of what they’ve seen in me over the years so they have some level of faith that whatever I have is credible 

Oh…and by the way, a big part of why they see what I have as credible is because I’m REAL. I don’t act like I have it all together by any means and I make a point to even share my weaknesses on social media (with tact and discretion of course, but that’s another post 😉 ) Additionally, I don’t argue about things that don’t matter. Honestly, I don’t really argue at all. I live my life to shine Jesus and I let that be witness enough. Bitter arguing and self righteousness would make me look like a prideful fool – that would hurt Jesus’ reputation and surely no one would reach out to me in their times of need. (Btw, here’s a great message on challenging your prideful worldview that would cause you to debate in the first place)

Being a Christ follower can be so hard at times. I often think I’m failing. But then someone reaches out…

  • Jen, please pray for…
  • Jen, do you have resources for…
  • Jen, can you help with…

And my answer is ALWAYS yes! Because I have direct access to a mighty God who is king of kings and lord of lords and I’m about to give people the hook up!
I marvel at and get excited when people reach out to me…because then I know they’ve seen the Jesus in me…and THAT is something I really LOVE about social media!

Jen Ervig #PNW Pastor
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