**Guest post by Brittany Bowers** Brittany is a co-laborer with me at The Grove Church A couple years ago I changed my perspective from resolutions to goals with the objective of creating new habits. Sure, maybe it’s the same thing? But the approach and ultimate objective are different. Instead of “I will follow my daily reading plan and read the Bible each and every day to finish the Bible in one year.” I could say “My goal is to read the entire Bible this year,…Continue Reading “When Resolutions Become Goals”

This is THE question most every Christian is asking themselves and others right now. There’s so much confusion surrounding it too. I know, I for one, love to take in the wisdom and opinions of those I respect and admire on such matters, and I have: My friend who’s a pastor’s wife and nurse got it and is elated about it My dear friend who works in a hospital doesn’t want to be forced to take it My acquaintance who is president of a Christian…Continue Reading “Does God Want Me to Get the Covid-19 Vaccination?”

Being trapped in a spiritual funk can feel a lot like being trapped in a group text. The bings keep coming so fast, your head is spinning, there’s not even a chance to reply, you feel hopeless and you can’t tell anyone because “what will they think?” and “I can’t let them down”.  So, you just sit there with eyes glossed over, ready to give up on Jesus and texting all together! Okay. So, that’s a little silly, but spiritual funks are real. And spiritual…Continue Reading “How to Escape a Spiritual Funk”

We are told to love the Lord with all our hearts, souls and mind (Matt 22:37; Deuteronomy 6:5) and that our obedience shows that we love him and we are IN him (I John 2:5). Love the Lord with all your HEART, SOUL, and MIND…I’ve decided to call this the love and obedience triad. The dictionary describes a triad as “ a group or set of three connected people or things”. What Matthew 22:37 is telling us is that it takes a connection of our heart, soul…Continue Reading “The Love and Obedience Triad”

*originally posted at jensmindunwinds So, yeah, I’m an author. There’s definitely a part of me writing this that preaches the importance of book reviews because I know reviews of my book will help get it seen and get my message out there. But, people, as of yesterday I’ve realized that the importance of book reviews is even bigger than that. Yesterday I reviewed a book on Amazon and was shocked to find I was the first person to do so! It wasn’t even my book and I…Continue Reading “3 Reasons Witnessing through Reviewing Books is a Good Idea”

Who loves FaceBook Memories? I love when I get the notifications for those everyday. It’s sometimes hilarious, sad or intriguing to see what I posted in the past and how things in my life are either different or the same now. Well, today I opened up the notification and started scrolling through my memories to see this… Ha! I’m such a nerd! Then, I opened up to read the comments and saw that I had mentioned to a friend that I had planned on posting…Continue Reading “Dove Chocolate & The Comforter – a Look at the Holy Spirit”

Story time! Something’s been on my mind and I wanna share a bit of my story. Topic: tithing Setting: the recession of 2008 So, I may live pretty comfortably now with not a lot to worry about as far as providing for my family goes, but it wasn’t always that way. We were on WIC, EBT…all the things. Even then, my husband was “good with money” and would sit down to evaluate our budget. For a long time, we’d see that computer in black and…Continue Reading “That Tithing Life”

I used to think, “oh, Jesus dying for us couldn’t have been THAT hard. He was God in the flesh. He could handle it. He was probably focused on how blissful His life would be when He was raised again, sitting on His throne eating His favorite dessert.” But you see, it WAS THAT hard. When He was hanging there, when He was dying, He took on every single ounce of guilt, evil, dread, and despair that was ever felt by any person or would…Continue Reading “He’s Done Enough”

So, I was scrolling through FaceBook this morning and came across a cartoon of a woman sitting at her computer typing and her husband says, “are you writing your autobiography?” Her reply was, “no. I’m writing my ought-to-biography. The things I ought to do in life”. I got a good chuckle out of it. Then, it got me to thinking….what is my ought- to- biography for my life of faith? If I were to write an ought-to-biography for my life of faith, a Jesus’ Lovin’…Continue Reading “My Jesus Lovin’ Bucket List”

Easter is coming! I can’t believe it’s almost here! Especially after that 8 week long January and 6 week long February and now all the sudden March was only three weeks….and BAM! Spring break and Easter are around the corner. Life is weird. 2019 is officially on a roll and then, before you know it, it’ll be Fall (pumpkin spice lattes! Eeeek!) and then, the main event, Christmas! Or is that the main event? Ya’all, I am a Christmas lover! Through and through! For me,…Continue Reading “Easter – The Main Event”