Jen’s FaceBook blurb proclaims, “Strong independent black woman who don’t need no man. Actually, Norwegian and I need Mike and Ike(s).” Nothing could be more true.

Currently working as the Connections Pastor at The Grove Church in Marysville, Wa, Jen strives to bring people closer to Jesus while encouraging them to not take themselves too seriously. Wherever you hear laughter, you’ll usually find Jen. Give her chocolate, coffee, or a hooded sweatshirt and you’ll quickly become her new “favorite” which is a prestigious however fickle title to hold.

She’s worked as a ghost blogger for an SEO company for many years and has been a credentialed minister for 7 years. She also recently acquired her Assemblies of God Coaching Credential. Her writing has appeared in Angela Craig’s book, “Under One Umbrella”, as well as Reflections for Pursuit Church Live, Women Devotions, Faith Filled Family Magazine and HerVoice Blog at NWMN.

Jen has been married for 16 years and has two boys, aged 14 and 11. She considers her family her favorite Missions Team to work with and her favorite Missions field? Disneyland. Hey, someone’s gotta be a ray of the hope of Jesus in that 90 minute line.