How to Escape a Spiritual Funk

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Being trapped in a spiritual funk can feel a lot like being trapped in a group text.

The bings keep coming so fast, your head is spinning, there’s not even a chance to reply, you feel hopeless and you can’t tell anyone because “what will they think?” and “I can’t let them down”.  So, you just sit there with eyes glossed over, ready to give up on Jesus and texting all together!

Okay. So, that’s a little silly, but spiritual funks are real. And spiritual funks are just that…funks. They don’t always mean you have sin in your life or you’re under heavy spiritual attack or you have a broken relationship in your life.

Sometimes, spiritual funks just mean you’re tired or your emotions are out of whack. Therefore, the way to escape is…..drum roll please…

Tell the funk it’s a punk and rethink what you’ve thunk!

Somebody embroider that on a pillow please?

Spiritual Funks Happen

Spiritual Funks are a fact of life. Why? Because sometimes your emotions just don’t line up with what you know to be true.

You know God is good but you don’t feel His goodness. You love the Lord with all your heart but you don’t feel like praising Him.

This reality doesn’t mean you’re broken; it means you’re a non-perfect human. It means emotions are tricky little buggers and although they can indicate truth, they are not the whole truth in and of themselves.

Will versus Emotion

When the thick fog of a spiritual funk rolls in, you have to remind yourself that your love for Jesus is as much a question of your will as it is your emotion AND that sometimes your will needs to jumpstart your emotions.

How do we jumpstart our emotions and escape the spiritual funk?

1. Take your thoughts captive.  Read 2 Corinthians 10: 5 and Philippians 4:8-9. When your thoughts and feelings are going against what you know to be true, redirect them!

In Psalms 103, the singer(s) exhort the soul of the reader or hearer to praise Him and not forget all His benefits. It’s a call to make your will kick your emotions in gear and praise Him!

2. Remember you’re not the only one. Spiritual funks can and most likely at sometime will happen to everyone. Read all the Psalms and you’ll quickly find that out!

If you have highs and lows in every other part of your life, why wouldn’t you when it comes to your life with God?  (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

3. Take care of yourself physically.  Self-care is important when you’re in a funk. Feelings usually go out of whack when you’re tired, hungry, stressed etc.

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right? Exercising? These things can have a direct effect on your spiritual life. God doesn’t sleep; you do. You do not need to stay up all night making petitions to God. He may call you to intercede in that way every once in a while, but I doubt it’ll be daily.

I have a framed picture in my bedroom that says this, “Give all your troubles to God. He’s gonna be up all night anyway.”

Reading that reminds me that I can drift off to dreamland confident that God’s got things handled while I’m snoozing and I can rejoin Him refreshed in the morning. Taking care of your body helps take care of your soul.

4. Have accountability. Please don’t keep your funk to yourself. You will not disappoint anyone or make them think less of you if you share it. In fact, they may respect you even more because you’re honest and authentic!

Ask a friend to help you through it with prayer and regular check-ins to inquire how you’re doing. Life is not meant to be lived alone!

Don’t Give Up

All that being said, it can still take a while to see a turn around in the way you feel.

I want to encourage you to persevere and keep the faith. Hold tight to what you know to be true not what you feel to be true. God will come through! (Romans 12:12Galatians 6:9Revelation 2:10James 1:12Hebrews 6:11Luke 21:19)funk

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